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Communicating with the public - using all the tools at our disposal - has always been central to Oregon Sea Grant's mission.

We started more than 40 years ago with simple print bulletins and radio spots. In the 1980s, we moved into film, producing award-winning science programs and documentaries. In the '90s, we helped connect Oregon's far-flung coastal policy makers by email, were among the first Sea Grant programs to establish a Web presence, and pioneered the use of low-power radio as a means of "narrow-casting" marine science messages to coastal visitors.

Today, we continue to explore emerging opportunities to educate, inform and engage with the public. Our Breaking Waves news blog is a source of timely information about Sea Grant activities and related ocean and coastal news, and has sparked the launch of topical blogs by several Sea Grant faculty and staff. In addition:

  • We're active on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Flickr
  • Our YouTube channel provides marine education and consumer education programming
  • Our first iPhone app, Paddle Beaver Creek, developed with Oregon State Parks, gives canoers and kayakers a guided natural science and history tour of a popular Oregon coast creek.
  • Our live, streaming OctoCam at the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center is a huge hit with Web visitors from around the world, giving viewers a peek into the watery world of the giant Pacific octopus.

We encourage our faculty, staff and student scholars to explore new and emerging media to support and enhance their work, whether it's communicating with stakeholder groups, conducting public education campaigns, or presenting tutorials on science and consumer topics.

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