Tillamook Climate Views, from Interviews and Survey Research

This summary report makes use of two separate data sources and addresses topics relating to community resilience, including current phases of climate-­change planning (Moser Eckstrom, 2010), reported hurdles to planning, current information needs, community-­specific perceptions of the cost of climate change, and risks of most concern.

Publications highlight science communication research for busy professionals

Professionals, such as Extension personnel, who communicate with a range of non-specialists about scientific or technical information face particular challenges. A common goal of all such professionals is to effect at least some change in their audiences' understanding and perhaps in their actions.

Soakage Trenches

Online brochure describes soakage trenches and how to design them.


Infiltration Testing

Online brochure describes infiltration testing and outlines the testing process.

Green Roofs

Online brochure describes green roofs and how to design them.