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Oregon's Working Waterfront Tour series [online videos]

This series of 16 videos is a behind the scenes look at the people and industry that rely upon the working waterfronts of the Oregon Coast. These online videos can be found on YouTube at the following links:

Oregon's Working Waterfront Tour trailer

Oregon's Working Waterfront Tour: Charleston 

Communicating Oceanographic Research Through Film: The Role of Film in Helping Scientists Develop and Meet Their Broader Impacts Goals

Funding agencies, specifically the National Science Foundation (NSF), are placing particular emphasis on the societal relevance and broader applications of scientific research, otherwise known as Broader Impacts (BIs). Scientists are required to address the BIs merit review criterion in their research proposals or they will not get funded. However, many scientists perceive the BIs criterion to be confusing and daunting, and developing activities to meet these requirements is often not within their expertise.

Collaborative Science-Stakeholder Engagement

This guide discusses collaboration among scientific disciplines and extending that collaboration to include participants outside of the academic world. It outlines various types of collaboration, both among researchers of diverse disciplines and among researchers and stakeholders. It explores collaborations seeking to achieve different goals in natural-resource research and management (sustainability, climate change adaptive management, decision-making tool development, alternative futures exploration).

How do you predict success in communicating about science?

With the deluge of information coming at all of us all the time, attention is limited, distractions abound, and other interests call.