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Climate Change

High waves crash against the Oregon coast

Preparing for the effects of a changing coastal climate

Providing "relevant and timely information on climate change adaptation" for coastal areas is a National Sea Grant goal. At Oregon Sea Grant, we apply our unique combination of research, education, public engagement and communication toward reaching that goal.

Our guiding principle is to engage and collaborate with people who can use research-based information to make decisions about climate-related issues and conditions where they live and work. That includes projects and products that

  • Help communities and businesses consider how they can adapt to rising sea levels, increased storm and wave activity, ocean acidification and challenges to the built environment linked to climate change.
  • Help scientists, community leaders and policy makers understand how to communicate with people who may differ in what they know, think and believe about climate change - but who still need to be prepared for both the short- and long-term effects of a shifting climate.
  • Support sound science that helps us understand more about how climate change may directly affect coastal people, communities and ecosystems.

Our current and recent work includes:

Coastal communities confront climate change

Contact: Joe Cone

Working under NOAA funding with partners in Oregon and seven other states, (Washington, Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida) Sea Grant Communications uses interviews, surveys and other research tools to understand local views, concerns and decision-making needs related to climate variability. With that data in hand, we have designed communication strategies, including community meetings and communication products. The goal is to assist coastal communities and individuals in moving toward decisive actions that will render them more resilient to climate change. Read more  ... 

Communicating climate change

Contact: Joe Cone

We have produced several publications and videos addressing the challenges of communicating with the public about climate change and other complex - and sometimes contentious - scientific subjects. In addition, we've organized - and recorded - live video conferences with panelists discussing the subject.  Read more ... 

Community resilience

Contact: Patrick Corcoran

Sea Grant's emphasis on coastal community resilience to coastal hazards and climate change drives the work of Extension's Patrick Corcoran. Based in Clatsop County and serving the entire coast, Corcoran works with researchers, agencies and coastal communities in two areas of focus: climate-related coastal storms/shoreline change and earthquake and tsunami

Learn more ...

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