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Today's graduate and undergraduate students are tomorrow's scientists, resource managers and marine policy makers. On the voyage to their futures, many seek both enriching experiences and financial support. We are happy to help.

In its 40-year history, Oregon Sea Grant has provided mentoring, training, hands-on educational experience - and funding - to thousands of students in marine science-related fields.  The experience we offer takes the form of graduate and undergraduate research assistantships, special research and public policy scholarships, and fellowships and internships in Oregon and in Washington, D.C. 

Follow the links below to learn about recent Sea Grant Scholars - and visit our Sea Grant Scholars blog to read about their experiences in their own words.

Learn more: Report on the 2011 Summer Scholars and their work in the September 2011 issue of the Pacific Estuarine Research Society newsletter - printable .pdf | plain text

  • Oregon Sea Grant Natural Resource Policy Fellowship
  • Oregon Sea Grant-OSU Marine Resource Management collaboration
    • Briana Goodwin (2013) - Working with Kaety Hildenbrand to identify infrastructure needs for the Pacific Marine Energy Center in Newport.
    • Jenny East (2013) - Working with Shawn Rowe and Mark Farley at the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center to study interactive platforms for marine science education
    • Laura Ferguson (2013) - Working with Sam Chan on a project studying how to involve scientists and policy makers in research on water quality and scarcity issues
    • Sarah Calhoun (2013) - Working with Flaxen Conway and NOOA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center on a study to learn how to best capture and convey changes in the commercial fishing fleet.

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