Kit Descriptions and Contents

Pick-up Locations:

Oregon Sea Grant
1600 SW Western Blvd
Suite 350
Corvallis, OR 97333

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Kit Description Kit Description


Available: 3 bins

Each bin contains approximately 6 pairs of rubber boots ranging in adult size 6-11.





Available: 1 bin- contains 13 clipboards

Enviroscape Model



Enviroscape Overview

NOTE: The kit available for check out may not contain all parts listed on the Enviroscape website.




Want to try mapping invasive species? 
Check out these links:


Groundwater Model

Groundwater model

Available: 1 model 

The Groundwater model is an electronic, 3-D tabletop simulation of the subsurface world of water. It can be used to display the interactions of surface water, surface processes with groundwater.


LaMotte Water Quality Kit

LaMotte water quality

Available: 2 kits 
  • 1 Turbidity tube, 1 LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen, 1 LaMotte pH, thermometers (°C and °F), safety supplies (goggles and latex gloves), laminated water quality reference sheets



Macroinvertebrate Kit


Available: 2 kits 

  • 3 D-nets, sampling tubs, sorting mat, macroviewers, ice cube trays, tweezers/forceps, eyedroppers, petrie dishes, hand lens, laminated macroinvertebrate reference sheets and guides


Photopoint Board

Photopoint board

Available: 4 boards


NOTE: To complete the activitiy in the StreamWebs link above, you will need to supply your own camera, compass, and other supplies. Oregon Sea Grant does have a GPS kit available for check-out.

Riparian Kit

Riparian Kit

Available: 2 kits 

  • 2 100-ft measuring tapes, 15-ft rope with ring in center, flagging tape, 11 flags, 2 gravelometers, 3 spherical densiometers, 2 compasses, 2 soil augers, soil bags, 2 soil thermometers., spray bottle, Soil "Look and Feel" info sheets, and various guide books.


Vernier Stream Flow Kit

Stream, flow kit

Available: 1 kit

  • 1 8 ft measuring stick, 1 LabQuest 1, 1 flow rate sensor, 100 ft measuring tape
NOTE: Vernier equipment may need to be charged and/or calibrated prior to use. Please plan accordingly.

Vernier Water Quality Kit

Vernier kit with LabQuest 2

Available: 4 kits 

  • 1 LabQuest 2 handheld device, temperature probe, flow sensor, dissolved oxygen sensor, pH sensor, turbidity sensor, laminated reference sheets
NOTE: Vernier equipment may need to be charged and/or calibrated prior to use. Please plan accordingly.

Ocean Acidification Kit


 Available: 2 kits

  • Ocean Acidification Activity Binder
    Includes laminated lessons and data sheets.
  • Whale Jenga:
    2 games of Jenga each including 21 "phytoplankton" blocks, 12 "zooplankton" blocks, 12 "krill" blocks ,1 "whale" block and laminated playing cards.
  • LEGO Ocean Acidification/Building Blocks of the Sea
    1 bag of different sized/colored LEGO bricks, 1 bag of play dough, 2 dice and laminated instructions sheet.
  • Ocean Acidification Experiment
    1 Digital scale, 1 bag of mussel and oyster shells and 1 container of pH strips.
  • Ocean Acidification from a Geological and Chemical Perspective
    1 bag containing straws, 1 container of pH strips, 1 bottle of iodine solution, 1 bag of baking soda and laminated Bromothymol blue pH scales.