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Fisheries and fishing communities under stress

Oregon’s coastal history, culture, and economy are shaped by our productive fisheries. Increasingly, these fisheries are challenged by forces of change, ranging from harvest practices and regulation to pressures on climate, economy and resources.

Sea Grant integrates the tools of extension, education, research and communication to improve understanding and management of fishing and aquaculture practices that support sustainable, commercially valuable fish stocks and ecosystems. We support research that focuses on understading relationships between habitat, climate, food and all the other forces that come to play in marine ecosystems.

Sea Grant also works with fishermen and seafood processors to develop new products, enhance food safety and handling, and advance consumer awareness so they can make healthy and sustainable choices about the seafood they consume.

Seafood consumer education

Sea Grant has long been an innovator in seafood consumer education, from teaching people how to safely harvest, buy and prepare seafood to educating them about the health benefits - and occasional risks - of eating seafood. Today, we're exploring new technologies to connect consumers to the source of the seafood they buy, and to help them make educated choices about sustainable seafood.  Read more ...

Seafood product innovation

Oregon Sea Grant's Mark Whitham and the OSU Seafood Consumer Center in Astoria work to assist businesses in developing new products using heat to cook and seal fish in a flexible package. A pilot processing plant at OSU’s Seafood Lab offers hands-on training in retort packaging techniques. As a result, Oregon producers are now selling several new products in restaurants and through national grocery chains. Read more ...

Sustainable aquaculture

Oregon's aquaculture industry is focused on shellfish, and particularly on restoring harvestable populations of native oysters from declining levels caused by pollution, overfishing and ocean conditions. We support research into fish and shellfish disease, help develop new methods of breeding and feeding commercial shellfish, and also work with the multimillion-dollar ornamental fish industry to control disease and improve industry breeding and importation practices.  Read more ...

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