Buckets of just-harvested oysters cool in the shallows of Netarts Bay

Oregon’s coastal history, culture and economy are shaped in part by our productive fisheries. Since Oregon Sea Grant's establishment in 1971, we have relied on the experiential knowledge of the fishing community to enhance understanding and science-informed management of sustainable, commercially valuable fish stocks and the ecosystems that support them.

We support research that examines the relationships between habitat, physical forces such as changing climate and currents, food webs and fish production. In coastal communities, we work to build partnerships, help communities and businesses self-organize and build capacity within communities of place and practice.

In particular, we support and encourage research into the threats facing Oregon's lucrative commercial shellfish aquaculture industry from issues of water quality and changing ocean chemistry - and also pioneering work in aquatic ornamental fish health, working with international growers, importers and dealers to protect threatened species and reduce threats to native species from imported fish diseases and accidental invaders.

We work to enhance access to, and markets for, local seafood and a safe, high-quality seafood supply. Our assistance with seafood product development, safety and marketing help increase the local benefits of Oregon seafood, boosting the economies of coastal communities, ports and tribal organizations.