National Sea Grant

NOAA and the National Sea Grant Program periodically make special funding available for projects addressing national or regional needs. 

Please read instructions carefully; different grants and fellowships have different deadlines and submittal requirements. In some cases, you must submit your proposal through the closest state Sea Grant office; in others, they go directly to the National Sea Grant office. If you have questions, please contact

A full list of active national research initiatives is available on the National Sea Grant Web site.

Current national and regional Sea Grant RFPs:

NOAA Sea Grant National Strategic Investments. The National Sea Grant program periodically offers competitive grants in nationally important topical areas. Visit their site for current opportunities. Current calls:

  • NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program 2016 -

    Depending on the availability of funds, NOAA Sea Grant expects to have up to $3,000,000 available for a national competition to fund new FY 2016 aquaculture research projects.  This is part of the overall plan to support the development of environmentally and economically sustainable ocean, coastal, or Great Lakes aquaculture.  Topical priorities for this FY 2016 competition are, briefly: a) Research to inform pending, regulatory decisions regarding aquaculture on the local, state, or federal level leading to an information product—such as tool, technology, template, or model—needed to make final decisions on a specific question; b) Research that supports the introduction, and/or increase in production of new and emerging species of aquaculture interest; c) Research that supports continued seafood safety and product quality; and d) Social and/or economic research targeted to understand aquaculture issues in a larger context.  Applicants must describe how their proposed work will rapidly and significantly advance U.S. aquaculture development in the short term (1-2 years after project completion). Institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, commercial organizations, State, local and Indian tribal governments are eligible to apply.

    Preproposals are due March 10, 2016. Oregon applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Oregon Sea Grant Program Director Shelby Walker prior to submitting a pre-proposal to discuss the relevancy of the proposed idea and the process for submitting a full proposal. Full details are available at

Other grant sources:

  • Oregon State University Research Office (including undergraduate research opportunities)
  •, the one-stop application system for finding and applying for more than 1,000 different federal research grants
  • Grants Online- NOAA's grant management system

    Note: If you are submitting a proposal through Oregon Sea Grant, you do not need to go through the or Grants Online submittal process. If your proposal makes it through our competitive review process, we will take care of the federal submission requirements for you.

  • National Science Foundation grants and awards
  • Community of Science funding news and grants database (requires registration)

See our Fellowships & Internships page for graduate and undergraduate research funding opportunities.