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Live plants and animals have long been valuable teaching tools, but now they're teaching environmental stewardship, too, as teachers and students learn that cute classroom pets can become a invasive marauders if set loose in the wild.

WISE offers teacher trainings, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Based curriculum, and on-going teacher engagment in a community for learning and teaching about emerging watershed issues. Since started in 2007, the program has trained more than 70 teachers, reaching more than 4,500 students who have completed more than 50 stewardship projects.

Stewardship Projects and Teacher Features

Students and teachers have created a great variety of projects ranging from watershed restoration to awareness campaigns. Check out the WISE Invasive Species 101 page to browse the many cool projects, and profiles of some of the teachers we've worked with.

Join the WISE Community

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Designed to engage students in science learning and community action, these tools also encourage teachers and their classes to develop and share their own lessons and projects with each other. Materials include:

Lessons and Curricula:

  • Coming soon: Aquatic Invasive Species: Menace to the West - an expanded set of fun, challenging and inspiring lessons and activities that build STEAM knowledge and skills. An example:
    • Stone Soup: Invasive Species and Cartooning Lesson Plan - Teachers' Guide (pdf) | Students' Guide (pdf) based on the popular "Stone Soup" cartoon strip.
  • WISE lesson plans, curricula and identification guides:
    • Identification guides:
      • Key Aquatic Invasive Species Watch: Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris in the Eastern Pacific (free download)
      • On the Lookout for Aquatic Invasive Species, 2015 edition (purchase online)
      • On the Lookout for Invasive Tunicates: Identification Guide for Early Detection and Response (purchase online)
    • The WISE Blog - Addressing emerging watershed issues through STEM and stewardship.
  • Tsunami STEM Curriculum

Additional Resources: