Oregon Sea Grant Omnibus Grant-funded projects (2018-20)

  • Changes in Oregon's nearshore fish assemblages through the eyes of scientists and fishermen, Lorenzo Ciannelli, OSU CEOAS
  • Effects of ocean acidification on behavior, development, and nutritional value of newly recruited coastal Dungeness crab, Aaron Galloway, UO Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
  • Linkages between forestry practices and Oregon's estuarine shellfish, Elise Granek, PSU, Environmental Science & Management
  • Oregon's Seafood Processing Workforce: the connection between demographic change, opportunities and challenges, and community resilience, Marta Maldonado, OSU Ethnic Studies
  • Determining the response of Oregon pink shrimp larvae to ocean acidification and warming, George Waldbusser, OSU CEOAS

Oregon Sea Grant SEED projects (2017)

  • Gooseneck barnacles (Pollicipes polymerus) on the Oregon Coast; Population description, feasibility of a fishery, fishery enhancement, and aquaculture, Alan Shanks, UO Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
  • Envisioning a Resilient Oregon Coast: Co-developing alternative futures for adaptation planning and decision-making, Peter Ruggiero, OSU CEOAS
  • Retrodicting earthquake source characteristics from tsunami inundation along the Oregon coast, Andrew Meigs, OSU CEOAS
  • The value of Oregon's deep-sea habitat to Oregonians, Andrew Thurber, OSU CEOAS

Oregon Sea Grant Program Development projects (2017)

  • Diet, energy budget and predation impact of early-juvenile coastal Pacific hake in the Northern California Current, Kim Bernard, OSU, CEOAS
  • A portable deep core for quantitatively sampling burrowing macroinvertebrates at greater than 1 meter depths, John Chapman, OSU, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Microplastics in our food? – Providing a baseline for microplastic concentrations in the tissues of Oregon’s commercially and recreationally important Pacific oysters and razor clams, Elise Granek, PSU, Environmental Science & Management  See Video
  • Sustainable Fisheries Workshop (AKA Fins, Fishes, and Fisheries), Tracy Crews, Oregon Sea Grant

Oregon Sea Grant Internal Resilience projects (2017)

  • Collaborative Problem Solving and Prevention for Oregon’s Entangled Whales: Creating Oregon’s Cetacean Entanglement Community of Interest (COI) Group, Amanda Gladics, Oregon Sea Grant Extension Fisheries Management
  • Building Community Resilience Using Tsunami Quests to Enhance Public Hazards Preparedness and Awareness, Caitlin Goodwin, Oregon Sea Grant STEM Communication and Quests

Oregon Sea Grant Omnibus Grant-funded projects (2016-18)

Oregon Sea Grant Program Development projects (2016)

  • Development of a Sustainable Gooseneck Barnacle Fishery; Initial Investigations, Alan Shanks, UO Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
  • Research development for coastal flood monitoring using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Jihye Park, OSU, School of Civil and Construction Engineering
  • Evaluation of marine science quiz bowls (Salmon Bowl/National Ocean Science Bowl [SB/NOSB]): what role does it play in recruiting talent to Land/Sea Grant universities and thus achieve their mission?, Flaxen Conway, OSU, Oregon Sea Grant and School of Public Policy

Oregon Sea Grant Omnibus Grant-funded projects (2014-16)

Resilience Research (2015-16 special call)

NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Research (2014-16)

Water Quality and Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris (2013-15 special call)

Social Science and Human Dimensions Research (2014-2016 special call)

Oregon Sea Grant is funding three projects in response to a special call for social science and human dimension research:

West Coast Regional Projects

Four West Coast Sea Grant Programs (Oregon, Washington, California and the University of Southern California) jointly fund coordinated projects bringing together West Coast researchers to address issues of regional priorities. Current projects focus on the social sciences.