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Flaxen Conway

Flaxen Conway

Extension Community Outreach Specialist; Director, OSU Marine Resource Management Program

Marine Resource Management Program, OSU College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences 311A Strand Ag Bldg, OSU. (Mailing address: 104 CEOAS Admin Bldg, Corvallis OR 97331-5503)
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Flaxen Conway conducts research, education and engagement about how changes in natural resource policy and management effects industries, workforces, agencies, communities, groups and families that directly depend on them. She specializes in helping individuals and groups adapt to change through cooperative learning, accessing resources, building coalitions and planning strategies that meet the needs of all interests. In 2011, she was named director of the Marine Resource Management program in OSU's College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences.
  • Communities coping with change and transition
  • Personal and group leadership education
  • Cooperative learning and research
  • Community economic development
  • Human dimensions of marine renewable energy

Recent research:

Improving Community Profiles for Oregon Fisheries and Coastal Communities, a project funded by the OSU Sustainable Rural Communities Initiative, NOAA Fisheries, Oregon Sea Grant and the Port Liaison Project, which produced long-form community profiles for the Oregon coastal towns of:

These profiles have been used in the Oregon marine reserves process, and are being replicated in other ports.

Human Dimensions of Marine Renewable Energy, a series of six research projects focusing on discovering and documenting social, economic, cultural, historical and legal information and best management practices. The information can then be used to inform people, businesses, and policy makers and their decisions regarding energy planning, permitting, and implementation. Learn more ...

Identifying and Understanding Space Use Conflicts on the Outer Continental Shelf, research funded by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  This project identified and characterized potential space and use conflicts that could result from renewable energy activities on the Outer Continental Shelf of the Atlantic and Pacific regions, and described strategies and specific measures for avoiding or mitigating these conflicts, including mechanisms for improved communication and cooperation among stakeholders.


Sea Grant publications include:

Recent journal articles

  • Conway, F., J. Stevenson, D. Hunter, M. Stefanovich, H. Campbell, Z. Covell, and Y. Yin. 2010. “Ocean Space, Ocean Place: The Human Dimensions of Wave Energy in Oregon.” Oceanography 23(2): 82-91.
  • Conway, F., C. Pomeroy, and M. Hall-Arber. 2010. “Managing-Data Poor Fisheries by Paying Attention to Managing Relationships.” Proceedings: Managing Data-Poor Fisheries: Case Studies, Models and Solutions, December 1-4, 2008, Berkeley, CA.
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