Parasites in Marine Fishes

This publication has been prepared in response to many questions from seafood retailers about parasites in marine fish products. Customers who find parasites in fish they purchase need to have good answers for some obvious questions.

Shrimp, Pacific: Generic HACCP Plan (No CCPs)

Brochure contains flow diagram, list of potential hazards, HACCP worksheet, etc.

Tuna Salad Sandwich HACCP Plan

Brochure contains the following three charts: tuna sandwich process flow diagram, tuna salad hazard analysis, and tuna salad sandwich HACCP plan.

Understanding and Controlling Histamine Formation in Troll-Caught Albacore Tuna

The collapse of the Pacific Northwest salmon fishery is causing fishermen to turn increasingly to the albacore tuna fishery as an alternative source of income. However, fishermen need to be aware of problems related to product safety. Improper handling of albacore can cause the fish to produce histamines, and this may cause consumers to fall ill with histamine poisoning.