Projects from recent funding cycles

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Oregon Sea Grant omnibus funding

  • An Integrated Engineering-Economic Vulnerability Assessment Tool to Increase Tsunami Preparedness in Rural Coastal Counties. Young Chen, OSU Agricultural & Resource Economics
  • Understanding, Forecasting and Communicating the Linkages Between Hypoxia and Ocean Acidification in Oregon's Coastal Ocean. Francis Chan, OSU Zoology
  • Developing Realistic Metrics of Acidification Stress for Commercially Important Bivalves in Variable Habitats. George Waldbusser, OSU College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)
  • Sea Grant Professorship in Free-Choice Learning. John Falk & Lynn Dierking, OSU Science and Math Education
  • Predicting Habitat Quality of Juvenile English Sole and Dungeness Crab in Coastal And Estuarine Nursery Grounds. Lorenzo Ciannelli, OSU CEOAS
  • Taking Stock of Oregon’s Nearshore Fisheries: Development of Simple Assessment Tools for Better Management. Selina Heppell, OSU Fisheries & Wildlife.
  • Geomagnetic Imprinting and Homing in Salmon and Steelhead. David Noakes, OSU Fisheries & Wildlife.
  • Realized and Potential Larval Connectivity Along the Oregon Coast. Harold Batchelder, OSU CEOAS.
  • Modeling Myxozoan Disease in Pacific Salmon: Establishing Watershed Models for Predicting Effects of Climate Change. Jerri Bartholomew, OSU Microbiology.
  • Tides, Freshwater and Winds: Modeling the Impacts of Currents on the Oregon Inner Continental Shelf and Within Yaquina Bay Estuary  James Lerczak, OSU CEOAS.
  • Assessing the Socio-Political Context of Disaster Recovery in Coastal Oregon. Lori Cramer, Oregon State University, Sociology.

West Coast Regional Sea Grant funding

  • Toward Resilience and Sustainable Seafood Supply: Assessing Direct Marketing Approaches for the West Coast Fishing Communities. Barbara Walker, University of California-Santa Barbara. Oregon Sea Grant PIs are Jamie Doyle and Jeff Feldner. See Market Your Catch, an interactive Website for fishermen that resulted from this project.
  • Successful Adaptation: Identifying Effective Process and Outcome Characteristics and Practice-Relevant Metrics. Pamela Matson, Stanford University. Oregon co-PI: Hannah Gosnell, OSU/CEOAS.