"Mammals of the Sea" discusses historical intersections between humans and marines mammals, and the impact of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which was passed by Congress in 1972. The film also examines ongoing tensions between those in favor of full protection for marine mammal populations and those concerned about the toll that marine mammals exact on commercial fishing opportunities. The film features images of whale watching, marine mammals performing in captivity, commercial fishing and canning operations, and indigenous seal hunts. Produced in 1980 by Oregon Sea Grant at Oregon State University, this film features narration by then-OSU Communications professor Dick Weinman and on-camera appearances by seal hunter Bill Puustinen, Dayton L. Alverson of the Northwest and Alaska Fisheries Center, Thomas L. Kimball of the National Wildlife Federation, John J. Burns of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and OSU marine biologist Bruce Mate. The film was directed by Jim Larison, then-communications director for the OSU Sea Grant Program, in consultation with Bruce Mate and Professor Robert W. Schoning.

Larison, Jim
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Digital online video of a 1980 film that discusses historical intersections between humans and marines mammals.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017
29:04 minutes
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