Recent short videos - and excerpts from longer ones - on a variety of ocean and coastal topics, produced by Oregon Sea Grant. Most YouTube videos are close-captioned. Some are available for purchase on DVD; use the search tool on the right for these and other titlles. 

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Short videos featuring Sea Grant people and their work:

  • Jerri Bartholomew: At the Intersection of Science & Art - YouTube
  • Mark Whitham: Seafood Product Innovation - YouTube
  • Patrick Corcoran: Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness - YouTube

Historic film and video from Oregon Sea Grant

  • Five Decades of Oregon Sea Grant Film and Video: Science, Community, and Resource Issues - Vimeo
  • Salmon Mashup: Rare Celilo Falls Film & Video - Vimeo

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems and Habitats

Recreational Boating/Clean Vessel Act

Two short, humorous videos produced for the Oregon State Marine Board

Marine Debris

Produced in cooperation with NOAA West, the NOAA Marine Debris Program, and the Sea Grant programs of Washington, California, and the University of Southern California.

  • Responding to the Risks of Marine Debris - Vimeo | YouTube (cc)
  • Responding to the Risks of Marine Debris - Japanese Tsunami Debris - Vimeo | YouTube (cc)
  • Veteran Crab Fisherman Al Pazar Discusses Derelict Gear - Vimeo
  • Extended Interview with Nick Furman About Crabbers and Marine Debris - Vimeo

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • Project Piaba - Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan's work with Brazilian fishermen helps introduce sustainability into the worldwide market in ornamental fish - YouTube (cc)
  • Salmon Abundance and Diversity: Interview with Court Smith - Vimeo | YouTube (cc)
  • Life Cycle of the Salmon - 1999 video shows the fierce poetry of the salmon's life - YouTube (cc)

Resilient Communities and Economies

Climate Change

Climate Change and the Oregon Coast. Five short videos address the concerns Oregon coastal residents have expressed about climate change:

  • Introduction to Oregon Coast Climate Change - YouTube (cc)
  • Predicting the Climate - YouTube (cc)
  • Shoreline Effects of Climate Change - YouTube (cc)
  • Broader Coastal and Ocean Effects - YouTube (cc)
  • What Is Government Doing? - YouTube (cc)

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Beach Safety

  • Beach Safety Basics: Rip Currents - YouTube (cc)
  • Beach Safety Basics: Dangerous Logs - YouTube (cc)

Free-Choice Learning

  • Videos from our Free-Choice Learning Lab - YouTube