Tania Siemens

Tania Siemens

Extension Aquatic Invasive Species Education
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Office: 541-914-0701

University Plaza

University Plaza 336

1600 SW Western Boulevard

1600 SW Western Boulevard
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Oregon Sea Grant
OSU Main Campus
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Tania Siemens works with Sea Grant Extension's Sam Chan and Dave Hansen on aquatic invasive species and watershed health programs and projects. She is handling many of Chan's duties while he is on assignment at the NOAA Sea Grant Office in Silver Spring MD. until mid-2017. 


  • WISE (Watershed and Invasive Species Eduction) teacher training and stewardship program coordinator
  • Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Collaborative Initiative coordinator
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Tool Kit
  • Boater attitudes and practices in preventing the spread of invasive species
  • Developing and supporting Communities of Practice for STEM Education