"By auditing and identifying our waste streams as well as solutions, my work at STANLEY Infrastructure is forging a path to our corporate goal of Zero Waste to Landfill by 2030. We are on track for 20% reduction by the end of 2020." 

-- Jack Hobbs, 2019 intern with Stanley Infrastructure

"Interning with RiverBend changed how I think about the environmental field. Sustainability and pollution prevention are multifaceted challenges, and the best solutions emerge when people from different backgrounds, job titles, and experiences cooperate on them."

-- Anna Burton, 2019 intern with RiverBend Materials

"Through my work at Boeing Portland, the two main outcomes will be hazardous waste and waste to landfill reductions.  For example, through one project in an area that assembles 777x plane parts, there is potential to reduce hazardous waste produced by over 85%!"

-- Jake Price, 2018 intern with Boeing 

"During this job, I have learned to conduct waste/energy audits, redesign waste systems, and perform analyses on various items such as compostable food service ware. Most importantly, I am learning project management and teamwork by working alongside an amazing team."

-- Angelique Brown, 2019 intern at AntFarm Cafe and Bakery 

"This opportunity gave me business experience, which I probably wouldn’t have gotten as much of otherwise as a scientist. I got to know people at a company that highly values community and their social and environmental impacts. It was an amazing opportunity to get real world experience and exposure to business processes."

-- Maya Hurst, 2019 intern at Grand Central Bakery 

"It’s hard to imagine I would have received this much support at other internships. Having people from the host company to speak with was great but also having the academic and technical advisors to contact was awesome...My academic advisor provided resources that helped me complete my projects." 

--Jensen Perrick, 2018 intern with Columbia Sportswear

"I worked with various departments such as marketing, IT, community relations, human resources and sustainability. This provided me with diverse feedback that ultimately contributed to the final report. A large part of my internship also involved interviewing and touring various non-profits throughout the Portland-metro region. This allowed me to learn how food is diverted from the landfill and fed to people in need." 

-- Sharlee Hughes, 2018 intern with New Seasons Market

"I was initially drawn to architecture for to the opportunities that existed to mitigate GHG emissions. Through this internship, I was able to get into the technical side of building construction and life cycle analysis, and better understand the ramifications of design decisions that architects make everyday."

-- Olivia Bain, 2019 intern with Green Hammer 

"I have learned an incredible amount about the coffee life cycle from growing, sourcing, roasting, and serving. Navigating the coffee industry through a lens of sustainability has presented challenges that I’ve learned to overcome through research and collaboration."

-- Lara Andenoro, 2019 intern with Stumptown Coffee Roasters

"This experience has expanded my understanding of the options that are available for careers in the environmental field. I connected with many people involved in increasing sustainability in a wide variety of businesses in different ways." 

-- Maya Vigil, 2018 intern with Nossa Familia Coffee