Living on the Edge

The 25-minute feature video and four featurettes on this DVD provide an overview of the issues associated with beachfront erosion and building on or buying property on the Oregon coast. "Living on the Edge" is intended for developers, real estate agents, lenders and coastal officials as well as builders, buyers and homeowners. The DVD:

Reaching Higher Ground: Oregon Sea Grant's Tsunami Research and Community Engagement [DVD or online video]

Two short videos on this DVD focus attention on the risks and responses to a tsunami hitting the Oregon coast.

While the occurrence of such "monster waves" is currently impossible to predict, planning is possible and prudent, and Oregon Sea Grant is concentrating research and community education to help coastal citizens and communities prepare.

Building a Resilient Coast: Maine Confronts Climate Change [online video or DVD]

This award-winning, five-part documentary examines how residents, officials and scientists in Maine are anticipating and planning for sea level rise, coastal flooding and erosion expected to accompany climate change.

Preparing for Coastal Climate Change: What Oregonians Are Asking [DVD]

Climate change carries with it both risk and uncertainty, which makes it a challenge to discuss and an even greater challenge to prepare for. Oregon Sea Grant has joined the climate conversation by listening to coastal residents and trying to address their most pressing questions, with the assistance of topical experts.

Coming Home Was Easy

Salmon trolling is a hook-and-line commercial fishery that for almost a century has supported ocean communities from Alaska to California. From its beginnings, trolling attracted men (and later women) who loved their independence and weren't afraid of hard work.

Estuary Management in the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest estuaries range from large (Washington's Grays Harbor, 58,000 acres) to small (Oregon's Twomile Creek, 20 acres); from rural (Big Creek estuary in Lincoln County, Oregon) to urban (Puget Sound, in Washington, supporting a population of 3.9 million); and from pristine to seriously degraded.