Bryn Hudson, 2018 Natural Resource Policy Fellow

Program: Natural Resource Policy Fellowship (Governor’s Natural Resource Office)


As an Oregon Sea Grant 2018 Natural Resource Policy Fellow, Bryn is currently working with Governor Kate Brown’s Natural Resource Office. In her role supporting ocean policy, Bryn aids in the implementation and advancement of the Governor's natural resource and environmental agenda, and assists state departments in managing issues and advancing their budget requests and legislative proposals. She provides critical support on a range of coastal issues including coastal water quality, coastal zone management, ocean acidification and hypoxia, sea-level rise, marine renewable energy, planning for rocky shores, invasive species, marine fisheries, research, climate change and more.


Bryn completed a B.S. in Aquatic Biology and a Minor in Educational Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She recently completed a Professional Master of Science in Environmental Management from Portland State University, where she researched fishing effort shifts and familial succession in Oregon’s nearshore fisheries.


Bryn has many interests surrounding aquatic systems and the socioeconomic relationships that humans have with them. She has primarily focused on various potential economic, behavioral and political impacts of the marine protected area and reserve designation. By creating these cross-disciplinary connections, Bryn’s research has contributed to a greater understanding of the human dimension in Oregon’s ocean conservation policy. She hopes to continue aiding in the development and implementation of equitable natural resource policy.