Program: Neil Richmond Award


Oregon Institute of Marine Biology


Ellie is an undergraduate student at the University of Oregon in the Robert D. Clark Honors College, majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Chemistry.

Professional and Research Interests:

Ellie has been in love with the ocean her whole life, and has been working towards a career in marine biology since she was in seventh grade. She plans to use her degree in marine biology to work in research, attend graduate school, and obtain her doctoral degree. She is mostly interested in researching invertebrates (especially sponges, cnidarians, and tunicates), microplastics and marine debris, and the effects of ocean acidification. She wants to use her degree to educate others about marine science as either a professor or working as a public educator with a non-profit organization. In the meantime, she has started a social media community called Everblue (@oceaneverblue on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) that she and her team use to promote scientific literacy and ocean-minded living.