Janan Evans-Wilent, 2018 Knauss Fellow

Program: John D. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship (2018)


Janan Evans-Wilent is a 2018 Knauss Legislative Fellow with the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, serving on the Majority Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and Coast Guard. 


Janan completed her B.A. in Environmental Studies at Connecticut College in 2011 and her M.S. in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University in 2017.

Professional and Research Interests:

Janan is a coastal scientist passionate about developing creative, interdisciplinary strategies for effective and adaptive coastal management. Her graduate research explored how complex coupled natural and human systems dynamically respond to varying coastal adaptation policies and climate change scenarios. Her research worked directly with stakeholders in Tillamook County, OR and Grays Harbor County, WA to co-develop and explore how a variety of coastal adaptation policies, (such as constructing hard protection, rebuilding dunes, nourishing the beach, or relocating homes) change through time under a changing climate. This allowed community-members to visually and quantitatively explore important trade-offs, like protecting private property versus maintaining vital habitats. Janan is particularly interested in bridging science and policy to more strategically communicate about coastal hazards and changing climatic conditions in order to build adaptive capacity and increase resilience in vulnerable communities.