Program: 2014 South Coast Resilience Scholar with Wild Rivers Coast Alliance


Dacotah-Victoria Splichalova is working for Wild Rivers Coast Alliance (WRCA) where she will be helping to communicate the stores of WRCA grantees and the work of WRCA. In addition, she is partnering with the Oregon Recreational Action Team and WRCA to tell the South Coast story, and serving as liaison with Travel Oregon and other partners to promote ecotourism in the "Wild Rivers Coast" region of the southern Oregon coast.


Dacotah is an undergraduate at Oregon State University, expecting to complete her degree in fall 2014 in Philosophy and Writing with a focus on environmental philosophy and the philosophy of science. Her studies have covered the political and socioeconomic factors of human ecology, in essence, how humans relate to their natural and social built environments. Dacotah is a science journalist who has worked for OSU's student publication as the Science Reporter. Her work has appeared in multiple news organizations and publications including Oregon Public Broadcasting, The Daily Astorian and Capital Press, among many others.

Professional and Research Interests:

Dacotah sees working with Wild Rivers Coast Alliance as a unique opportunity to harness her writing and storytelling abilities in support of WRCA, while simultaneously discovering and learning about a new region, its varied ecosystems and people along the 101 mile stretch of the Wild Rivers Coast.

Upon completing her B.S., Dacotah will begin a master's degree program at OSU in Water Resource Policy Management with advisor Aaron Wolf in winter 2015. Her research interest focuses on how people and communities who might not ordinarily come together based on varied interests, do so over shared waters (or not). Ultimately, she would like to work as a facilitator in community development and water management, working through lens of conservation, to help inform decisions about human/land interactions.

She is also a dedicated Oregon surfer and enjoys teaching free surf lessons on Saturdays in Newport.