Daniel Sund

Photo of Daniel Sund, one of Oregon Sea Grant's 2016 Natural Resources Policy Fellows


Daniel Sund is serving as Oregon Sea Grant's 2016 Natural Resource Policy Fellow with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. He will be working on the development, implementation, and coordination of management efforts for coastal ocean acidification and hypoxia monitoring for the state of Oregon.


Daniel completed his B.S. in Environmental Science specializing in Oceanography, M.S. in Marine Resource Management, and graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Oregon State University.

Professional and Research Interests:

Broadly, Daniel has researched the interaction between intertidal estuarine ecology and commercial shellfish aquaculture. This has encompassed assessments of the communities utilizing the nonnative eelgrass Zostera japonica; developing field methods to better identify how intertidal habitats are utilized by commercially important species such as Dungeness crab and English sole; engaging with the commercial aquaculture industry to understand how oyster aquaculture harvest influences the distribution of eelgrass at the landscape scale; and helping develop Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans to respond to burrowing shrimp on aquaculture beds. Daniel looks forward to the opportunity to expand upon his engagement with policy makers, resource managers, and stakeholders to better understand complex and far-reaching environmental issues and inform their management.