Emily Lamagie

Program: Robert E. Malouf Marine Studies Scholarship

Assignment: Emily worked on an outreach-focused research project in the Marine Resource Management program at Oregon State University. She developed a numerical model of the circulation in the Yaquina Bay Estuary. Using her research results shealso created creating an interactive computer exhibit for the Hatfield Marine Science Center to educate the public about how models work and how physical processes such as circulation impact the ecosystem. She was excited to be working with OSU scientists, resource managers, and outreach coordinators on this multi-disciplinary project.ing.

Education: Her background included dual bachelors degrees from the University of Washington in physics and English, and research experience in nearly every sector of oceanography.

Professional and Research Interests: Emily planned to apply  her experience to a career in ocean science devoted especially to broader impacts through education and outreach; as of 2015, she was working on her doctorate in earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences at OSU.  Emily’s passion for the water extends into her personal life; she enjoys spending her free time on the water sailing, diving and kayaking.