Joey Peters

Programs: Natural Resource Policy Fellow (2015), Robert E. Malouf Marine Studies Scholarship (2014)


Joey is serving his Natural Resource Policy Fellowship at the Department of Environmental Quality on the Stormwater Monitoring Project. In this position, he analyzes statewide contaminant data and informs permit development and policy. As a 2014 Malouf Scholar, Joey assessed the effects of fluoxetine (i.e. Prozac) on the California mussel, Mytilus Californianus, to determine if environmentally relevant concentrations are affecting mussel physiology and their susceptibility to predation.


Joey graduated from Florida International University in 2013 with a degree in Marine Biology. He completed his Masters in Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University's School for the Environment in 2015.

Professional and Research Interests: 

Joey is interested in the ecological connections between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. His Master's work focused on addressing the central question of how pharmaceuticals may act as stressors on Oregon rocky intertidal and estuarine organisms. He plans to continue his academic endeavors as a PhD student in the coming years.