Kessina Lee

Program: Oregon Sea Grant Legislative Fellowship

Assignment: Kessina Lee is serving as the 2015 Sea Grant Legislative Scholar, spending the legislative session working with the members of Oregon Legislature's coastal caucus on issues related to ocean and coastal policy.

Education: Kessina earned her bachelor of science in Organismal Biology from Portland State University and has gone on to pursue a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems and a master of science in biology, also at Portland State University. Her thesis research utilizes GIS to identify primary drivers of sea lion mortality in Oregon and southern Washington.

Professional and Research Interests: A native of Arizona, Kessina has lived in Oregon for most of her life, in both a rural community where she raised dairy goats, bees, and a variety of barnyard birds, as well as in Portland. Kessina’s interests include hiking, traveling, and going for leisurely runs with her dog.

Kessina is excited to be a Sea Grant Scholar and looking forward to working with the Oregon Coastal Caucus during the 2015 legislative session.