Laura Gray

Program: OSG Summer Scholars

Assignment: Oregon Sea Grant, Engaged Research Evaluation

Laura spent the summer working under Oregon Sea Grant Director Shelby Walker to evaluate the effectiveness of the organizatio's engaged research efforts. She rode along to outreach and engagement activities conducting informational interviews with research and Extension personnel in an effort to compile recommendations for improvement and develop a toolkit that can be used for better developing these efforts. Follow her adventures on Twitter: @LauraD_Gray

Education -  Laura graduated from Oberlin College in fall 2014 with a bachelor's degree in biology. and a minor in geology. Her academic interests are in estuarine and coastal ecology and conservation.

Professional and research interests - After spending the past few years doing monitoring and research, Laura is interested in branching out to address more applied aspects of science. She is keen on learning more about the world of science communication, education, outreach, and engagement.