Sarah Close

Program: John D. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship (2014)


Sarah spent her fellowship working as a Climate Adaptation Analyst for the Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) program at NOAA's Climate Program Office.


Sarah completed her PhD in marine ecology, working with Dr. Bruce Menge, at Oregon State University in 2014. She also has a bachelor's degree in Biology with Honors from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

Professional and Research Interests: 

Sarah's love of the oceans has led her to pursue research opportunities on the shores of Maine, Oregon, Washington, and as far afield as Tanzania. She is broadly interested in the role of the physical environment on marine communities, an area that is gaining urgency as climate impacts become increasingly evident on our shores. For her Ph.D. research, she worked on the role of environmental variability in the coastal oceans on seaweed and seagrass in rocky intertidal communities along the Oregon and northern California coasts. Sarah started thinking about the intersections between science, policy, and decision making while working for a non-profit environmental organization in Seattle, and that remained an interest throughout her PhD, eventually leading her to apply for the Knauss Fellowship.