Skyler Elmstrom

Program - OSG Summer Scholars

Assignment - As a 2016 Summer Scholar, Skyler will work with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on the Shellfish Assessment using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles project.

Education - Skyler served for four years in the United States Marine Corps where he specialized in geographic information systems (GIS) and geodetic surveying. He currently is pursuing a B.S. in environmental science through Western Washington University with an intended emphasis in freshwater ecology or marine science. Additional experience as a team leader with the Learn and Serve Environmental Anthropology Field School has elevated Skyler’s desire to blend culture with science and technology.

Professional and research interests - Skyler’s varied skills and interests have encouraged him to find an interdisciplinary approach towards his career goals. He is currently involved with studying invasive crayfish, utilizing citizen science to advance local and regional knowledge, applying his GIS experience to habitat restoration and wildlife conservation projects, and dabbling with the use of electronics in environmental monitoring. His future plans include completing a holistic education in the environmental sciences and pursuing further study in invasion species ecology.