Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion



About the JeDI Group

The Oregon Sea Grant JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Committee was formed in 2020 and works to identify ways to advance the program's guiding principles. Additional resources are available for Oregon Sea Grant personnel here.


Guiding Principles

Oregon Sea Grant's vision is one of thriving coastal communities and ecosystems in Oregon. This vision cannot truly be realized in a world where systems of oppression, injustice, and inequity persist. Therefore, as an organization, we are committed to abiding by the following Guiding Principles that will be reassessed annually and will evolve as needed:

Oregon Sea Grant is committed to:

  • Listening to and learning from communities historically underserved by Oregon Sea Grant and others, to more effectively amplify diverse perspectives and ensure culturally responsive and inclusive practices in our organization.
  • Initiating and engaging in uncomfortable conversations that address bias within our organization and with the communities in which we work.
  • In order to be better allies, recognizing the ways in which we as individuals and as an organization benefit from privilege and systems of oppression that perpetuate injustice.
  • Re-evaluating and refining these guiding principles and setting goals that make explicit how we will evaluate existing and implement new programs, projects, work, and recruitment to advance greater racial equity and address additional systems of oppression.
  • Identifying common barriers that currently prevent Oregon Sea Grant from fulfilling its goals of fully inclusive and diverse programming, and committing organizational resources to address them.
  • Doing the work to address all systems of oppression in Oregon Sea Grant and holding ourselves accountable for change.


Solidarity Statement

Oregon Sea Grant stands in solidarity with Black communities and commits to creating safe and inclusive spaces throughout our work. Learn about our commitment to addressing systemic racism.