This thematic area is focused on the multiple facets of coastal development, such as development of places, communities, and industries. Often, development is examined from an economic perspective, with only minimal consideration of the ecological or social aspects. We seek to bring together the ecological, social, and economic aspects of coastal development so activities or investments can be examined holistically, and one component, such as economics, is not valued to the exclusion or detriment of the others.


We seek to integrate the ecological, social, and economic aspects of coastal development to support sustainable coastal communities and ecosystems.


  • Assess the attitudes, knowledge, perceptions, and desires of coastal residents and Oregon visitors toward coastal development.
  • Identify and evaluate the communities where coastal development is and is not occurring.
  • Develop and implement, in collaboration with partners, strategies for analyzing, understanding, adapting, and responding to community needs and goals associated with coastal development.
  • Understand and assess risks and impacts associated with coastal development on coastal communities and ecosystems, and develop tools and programs for sustainable solutions and responses.

This is particularly important for an area like the Oregon coast, which has tremendous natural resources and strong community networks, but struggles with promoting and supporting growth in the region.