After-school programs can take advantage of a sunny afternoon to take kids out and look for invasive species. Or, try out our Invasive Species Tag game to get those active legs running around while learning how people can make a difference in the spread of invasives.

Is it a rainy day? The Menace to the West Curriculum includes many fun games that take less than 30 minutes, and anyone can lead with no prior experience:

  • Invasive Species Tag - Kids can get their energy out in a tag game in which they observe how quickly invasives can take over, and how early detection can dramatically slow the spread.
  • The Loteria Game - In this bingo-like game, players match clues to images on their game boards. Providing a small prize to the first one to fill up his or her board ("Loteria!") makes it more exciting.
  • PLOP! The Invasion Begins - The objective of this game is to keep your pond from filling up with bullfrogs. By playing, students learn the biology of invasions and actions we can take to prevent them.
  • Design the Ultimate Invader - This tried-and-true activity inspires creativity as students design an imaginary ULTIMATE invader. The sky is the limit as to how invasive your invader may be!
  • Control That Alien Mobile - A hands-on art and engineering project that helps students think about the "balance" of nature as they balance the elements in the mobile.
  • Become a Watershed Warrior! - We encourage your after-school program to adopt a natural area to learn about the native and non-native species that live there. Investigate possible local community partners who could support you and your students in taking action against invaders in your community.