Outdoor School offers an invaluable opportunity for students to experience wall-less open spaces and take a break from the busy routine of our increasingly built environment. As students explore the natural environment, they may wonder about the plants and animals they encounter, and what value they have to our ecosystems, economies, and communities. It is possible that some of the species they encounter are also non-native or invasive. This presents both a learning opportunity and a stewardship opportunity. Students can ask questions such as: What are the invasive species in this area? What are the impacts of this plant or animal on this area? What can I do to control or prevent the spread of invasive species here at my outdoor school site? Students may take action by either removing invaders or preventing new ones from coming in, by removing seeds and dirt from their clothes and boots before getting on the bus. When buses full of students make the trip to a nature camp, they could also be bringing invasive species with them.