The Menace to the West AIS Toolkit offers many short and fun exercises that require very little prep or prior knowledge. All lessons below are hands-on and can be done in a single class period.

  • Design the Ultimate Invader is a tried-and-true favorite. Students use their imagination to design the most invasive species possible. STEM concepts include Biology and Ecology.
  • Student love the Loteria game, in which teams match images to clues about invasive species and water facts. The winning team yells “Loteria!” Prizes optional.
  • In Where in the World, students map the native and invasive ranges of invasive species.
  • EDRR Freeze Tag: Students learn the value of stewardship in stopping the spread of invasive species in this active game similar to “freeze tag.”
  • Physics of Phlying Phish: This lesson uses the image of a jumping Asian carp and the physics of ballistics to calculate the speed at which a jumping carp will hit the water (or you!).