This brief fact sheet breaks the LID site design process down into nine basic steps, beginning with site analysis and incorporating steps to involve local decision makers early in the process.


Fact sheets in the “Low Impact Development” series include: Rain Gardens (ORESU-G-11-001), Porous Pavement (ORESU-G-11-002), Vegetated Filter Strips (ORESU-G-11-003), Drywells (ORESU-G-11-004), Stormwater Planters (ORESU-G-11-005), Swales (ORESU-G-11-006), Green Roofs (ORESU-G-11-007), Infiltration Testing (ORESU-G-11-008), Soakage Trenches (ORESU-G-11-009), The LID Site Planning Process (ORESU-G-14-003), Low Impact Development in the Design Phase (ORESU-G-14-006), Low-Impact Development in the Construction Phase (ORESE-G-14-005), and Low Impact Development in the Maintenance Phase After Construction (ORESU-G-14-004).


Derek C. Gordon, M. Cahill, T. Huntsinger
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A short primer for low impact development planning
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Friday, July 11, 2014
9 pages
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8.5x11 printable pdf
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