A thoroughly design process is needed to ensure that proposed low impact development facilities function optimally according to the desired outcomes. This fact sheet points out key hydraulic and hydrologic considerations that apply generally to LID projects.

Fact sheets in the “Low Impact Development” series include: Rain Gardens (ORESU-G-11-001), Porous Pavement (ORESU-G-11-002), Vegetated Filter Strips (ORESU-G-11-003), Drywells (ORESU-G-11-004), Stormwater Planters (ORESU-G-11-005), Swales (ORESU-G-11-006), Green Roofs (ORESU-G-11-007), Infiltration Testing (ORESU-G-11-008), Soakage Trenches (ORESU-G-11-009), The LID Site Planning Process (ORESU-G-14-003), Low Impact Development in the Design Phase (ORESU-G-14-006), Low-Impact Development in the Construction Phase (ORESE-G-14-005), and Low Impact Development in the Maintenance Phase After Construction (ORESU-G-14-004).

Maria Cahill
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Key hydraulic and hydrologic considerations for LID design.
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Friday, July 11, 2014
11 pages
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8.5x11-inch printable booklet
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