Coastal managers face a particularly serious challenge. Increasing scientific evidence indicates that the climate of the planet is changing, but they lack comprehensive local predictions that enable community planning and disaster preparedness. Predicted effects of climate change in coastal areas worldwide are diverse, and include alterations in sea level, tidal heights and action, ocean current circulation, severe storm frequency, and freshwater inputs (from both rivers and glaciers). In Oregon, land-use planning that proactively considers an altered future land- and sea-scape is beginning in some coastal communities. Although this planning would be facilitated by comprehensive studies of detailed localscale
effects of climate change, such information is rarely available. However, the absence of precise local information should not forestall active consideration of future environmental conditions for coastal management and planning.

Flitcroft, R., and G. Giannico
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Resource managers and developers are beginning to incorporate altered climate in planning efforts.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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Water Resources Impact
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