Program: John D. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship (2015)


As her Knauss Fellowship assignment, Michelle is the National Nutrient Criteria Program Fellow in the EPA's Ecological and Health Processes Branch – Nutrients Team.


Michelle received her B.S. in Biology with an option in marine biology and minors in natural resources and chemistry from Oregon State University. In 2014, she completed a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering in the Estuary and Ocean Systems track from Oregon Health and Science University.

Professional and Research Interests:

Michelle's interest in ocean science was sparked by a field and laboratory course in marine biology at the Hatfield Marine Science Center on the Oregon coast and during a research experience for undergraduates internship in marine microbiology at the University of Southern California. Later she obtained a minor in natural resources and became interested in understanding the connections between environmental conservation, policy, and resource management. Michelle is interested in the intersection of human and ecosystem health and in contributing to the development of sound environmental policies based upon interdisciplinary, system-level understanding of marine ecosystem function.