Michelle Fournet

Program: Robert E. Malouf Marine Studies Scholarship


Michelle's scholarship project involved using passive acoustics in combination with visual observations to conduct a comprehensive survey of cetacean species in Oregon’s near shore ocean.  Her research focuses specifically on the potential impact and/or overlap of wave energy development on sound sensitive odontocete species including harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena).


Michelle received a B.F.A. from Boston University in 2006 and completed post-baccalaureate work at University of Alaska-Southeast in marine biology.  As a M.S. student in Oregon State University’s (OSU) Marine Resource Management program Michelle studied humpback whale communication and social behavior, and additionally ran a comprehensive field internship program for undergraduate students out of the Five Finger Lighthouse in Southeast Alaska.  She is a PhD student in the OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife working with Dr. Holger Klinck.

Professional and Research Interests: 

Michelle is interested in the interface between marine mammal’s and human behavior, including species resilience and public engagement.  She hopes her research will help positively inform human ocean users and engage Oregon residents with their local marine mammal populations.