Austin Prechtel

Program: OSG Summer Scholars

Assignment: USDA Agricultural Research Service

Education: Austin is a Senior at Purdue University studying Fisheries and Aquatic Science and will be graduating in December 2015. During his time at Purdue, he has focused on studying the total range and habitat use of invasive Bigheaded Carp (Hypophthalmichthys spp.) in the Wabash River, IN. He is planning to share the results in a publication in the near future. Along with Purdue University, Austin has gained an arrangement of field and educational skills working with the Indiana DNR and Purdue’s Aquatic Ecology lab. Follow his adventures on Twitter: @Prechtelguy93

Professional and research interests:

Austin has always been interested in nature: fishing with his family, hiking trails or exploring the forests around his hometown. He sought out a path that would allow him to pursue his interests in those environments and the fauna within them. He plans to continue on to graduate school for a Master’s degree in the spring of 2016. Although he has dealt mostly with freshwater systems in the Midwest, Austin hopes to broaden his horizon by learning more about marine and estuarine ecology, with the intention of narrowing his path of study and focus of research for his graduate degree.