Oregon Sea Grant Activity and Conference Support Process

Purpose: To provide resources to conferences or other activities that support or promote interaction, engagement, or discussion with Oregon Sea Grant (OSG) stakeholders on topical areas that align with OSG strategic efforts.

Timing: Requests for funds can be made on an as-needed basis; please allow 60 days for review and support determination.

Funding: Requests are not to exceed $2,000 per event.

Review Criteria: Special considerations will be given to activities that reflect the breadth of the OSG program.

  • Does the activity advance OSG vision and mission?
  • Will OSG personnel (staff and/or grantees) benefit from the activity being supported?  In other words, would supporting this event be useful to OSG personnel or advance OSG personnel professional development?
  • Does the supported activity align with OSG’s non-advocacy, neutral third party philosophy?

Note: Funds cannot be used to supplement activities already supported by OSG or take the place of existing funds. Funds cannot be directly applied towards travel or other individual reimbursements. 

Process: We will use eSeaGrant, a web-based tool for submitting, reviewing, and tracking activity and conference support requests. To register for the eSeaGrant system, the lead principal investigator must email a request to eseagrant@oregonstate.edu a week prior to proposal submission. If you cannot submit using the eSeaGrant system, please contact the Oregon Sea Grant program for accommodation.

  • We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with Oregon Sea Grant’s current research projects and strategic investments, available on our website.
  • Contact the Oregon Sea Grant Director, Shelby Walker, to discuss your proposed activity ideas before submitting a request.
  • Email eseagrant@oregonstate.edu a week prior to request submission to register for eSeaGrant.
  • Submit your request through eSeaGrant, providing the requested information below.
  • Decisions will be communicated within 60 days.

Information to be provided in eSeaGrant for Oregon Sea Grant Activity and Conference Support requests

  • Who is making the request?
  • What is the event (include webpage, if available)?
  • Where is the event?
  • When is the event?
  • How much is the request?
  • Purpose of OSG support / how will funds be allocated?
  • Projected activity attendance.
  • What is the benefit to OSG?
  • How will OSG support be acknowledged?
  • Anticipated activity outcomes.
  • Other actual or potential sponsors.
  • Comments.

Reporting: After the event, requestors will complete a brief report for the activity.

Reporting Template for Oregon Sea Grant Activity and Conference Support

  • How funds were used (if supporting specific individuals, identify)
  • Estimated actual meeting attendance:
  • Activity outputs and outcomes:
  • Comments: