Program: Neil Richmond Award


Oregon Institute of Marine Biology


Christina is a senior at the University of Oregon, finishing the last year of her Bachelor's degree at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. She is fascinated by the natural world, from the inter-working of ecosystems to the work performed by a single cell. Her education has not only inspired a deep appreciation for life and biological processes, but for the scientific process. She focuses on how scientific research informs human understanding about how nature works and ultimately renders us capable of taking responsibility for how our use of resources affects biological systems.

Professional and Research Interests:

Christina intends to use her Marine Biology degree to pursue a career in scientific research. She is interested in learning about the mechanisms by which organisms respond to changes in their environments, and in investigating the dynamic interactions that give rise to biological communities, particularly marine communities. Over the next year, she hopes to learn how to use her curiosity and passion for the natural world to develop specific questions that can be meaningfully addressed through careful analysis and experimentation, and then to carry out those investigations.