An open letter from Shelby Walker, director of Oregon Sea Grant, addresses the White House's proposed elimination of Sea Grant and what it might mean for Oregonians and people in 30 other coastal and Great Lakes states around the country. Below is an excerpt from the one-page letter; you can read the full version at the link provided below.

"Oregon Sea Grant has been a key partner with Oregonians in working towards solutions for complex coastal and ocean issues, including fisheries, coastal hazards, and energy, for over 45 years through research, extension, education, and communication. Nationwide, the Sea Grant network works in every coastal and Great Lakes state, and two territories - Puerto Rico and Guam.

"In 2016, the Sea Grant program:

  • helped generate an estimated $611 million in economic impacts;
  • created or sustained over 7,000 jobs;
  • provided 33 state-level programs and 494 communities with technical assistance on sustainable development practices;
  • worked with about 1,300 industry, local, state, and regional partners; and
  • supported the education and training of over 2,300 undergraduate and graduate students."

PDF of entire letter