Want to get involved in ocean policy and planning in the State of Oregon? There are currently several opportunities:

1. Rocky Shores Management Strategy Update: The Rocky Shores Management Strategy, the third part of Oregon’s Territorial Sea Plan, is in the beginning stages of being updated. Public comment and participation are necessary parts of amending this strategy and will be encouraged throughout the update process. We encourage anyone and everyone to participate in the following questionnaires (you do not need to be a coastal resident to participate):
· TSP Needs Questionnaire: http://bit.ly/2By5MAO
· TSP Issues Questionnaire: http://arcg.is/2i7kIxy

2. Multiple Interest Seats are also available on the Ocean TSP Rocky Shores Working Group. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply (see all position announcements here: http://bit.ly/2Bqv6Ih). To stay up to date on this process and to get involved in upcoming public meetings, visit http://bit.ly/2ALmkrR

3. Ocean Policy Advisory Council Position Opening: The Ocean Policy Advisory Council is seeking qualified applicants for a Coastal Conservation and Environmental Organization Representative (http://bit.ly/2Bqv6Ih). Applications are due by December 14, 2017.