Guidelines for using the Oregon Sea Grant logo

The Oregon Sea Grant logo is designed to match the national Sea Grant logo, which was developed to create a clear and consistent graphic identity. Any use of the Oregon logo should consider its purpose: a clear and consistent use of the national image.

The Oregon Sea Grant logo is the property of Oregon Sea Grant. The main use of the Oregon logo is to identify Sea Grant-supported publications, presentations (for example, PowerPoints or videos), and people (for example, office signs, name badges).

Managing Editor Rick Cooper approves publication and non-publication uses of the logo and can provide additional file formats if needed.

A special note about OSU Brand Identity Guidelines: OSU generally prohibits use of program logos on material bearing the OSU "brand." However, because of Sea Grant's unique position as a federal program subject to Sea Grant and NOAA identity standards, we have permission to use our own logo - and NOAA's - in conjunction with the university's. Depending on the nature of the material you are producing, you may also be required to use the OSU "tag" as well as the Sea Grant logo. If you have questions about usage, contact Sea Grant Communications.


The logo is a solid box with reverse bird and words. This is the preferred form.

However, occasions might arise in which you need to use only the bird and the text. For example, when the background is very dark, you may use a white bird and white words with no box.

  • Do not use the bird without the words or the words without the bird.
  • Do not print other graphic elements behind the logo or over it.
  • Do not alter the logo's proportions by widening or elongating it.


Do not use the logo in a size smaller than 3/4 inch wide (for print use) or 150 pixels wide (for Web/screen use). There is no limit to how large the logo can be, but if you need a very large size, please contact Rick Cooper for a scalable version.


The standard colors for the logo (that is, for the box, bird, and words) are black and white (black box, white bird and words).

However, we allow any combination of two: black, white, gold, teal (Pantone 328C). The Web-safe RGB approximation of the approved teal is 339999. The words and the bird must be the same color.

Downloadable logos

(Right-click the image or the link below it and choose "save ...  as" to save the image file to your computer. Mac users: click-and-hold.)

Format White-on-Black Black-on-white
 For print (TIF format)  Contact Rick Cooper for high-resolution TIF or eps files
 For Web/PowerPoint (JPG version)  seagrantlogo-on-white.jpg seagrantlogo-on-black.jpg
 Color version (Web only) - sglogo-color-web-only.jpg    
NOAA logo - noaalogo.png
 (For a print-ready color version, please contact Rick Cooper)

If you need a smaller size, use an image-editing application such as PhotoShop to reduce it, making sure to maintain the proportions. If you need a larger size, or a scalable vector graphic, please contact Rick Cooper; attempting to scale these images up will result in a pixelated, fuzzy logo.