Quest book on rock
This new edition contains 30 Quests along the Oregon coast, including four that are completely new to the book.
This case study examines how Oregon's Latinx coastal community perceives critical facilities and identifies new locations valued by this community as places to go in time of need.
picture of flood warning sign at the beach with waves crashing into a building
This article highlights a few of the programs and tools that Oregon Sea Grant has developed and challenges readers to join the effort to increase resilience throughout the nation.
A teenager sits at a desk outside with a computer.
This article reports how the Journey for Aspiring Students Pursuing Ecological Research program uniquely integrates research with STEM education.


This is a compilation of monthly newsletters created in 2022 by the Oregon Coast STEM Hub for educators, industry partners and students on the Oregon Coast.
Researchers provide examples of how and why a mediated action approach to emotion as a social, distributed, interactional and discursive phenomenon may be helpful as an aspect of informal learning and exhibit design.