Fishermen bring catch in nets aboard a boat
This workshop report summarizes commercial fishing industry input on feasible and practical improvements to gear marking in the sablefish pot gear off the West Coast to improve NOAA’s ability to identify the source fishery of large whale entanglements.
Heron in an marsh
This report is a summary of the current understanding of the climate mitigation potential of Oregon’s coastal and marine habitats.
Underwater view of two Chinook salmon swimming along a rocky stream bed.
A new approach to assessing the impacts of hypoxia on fish can be used to compare impacts among species and across other physical, biological, and chemical gradients and environmental change.


Sea stars cluster on a rock with sussles at low tide.
This dissertation studied ochre sea stars, Pacific oysters and red abalone.
A tsunami evacuation sign in a residential neighborhod.
This study calculated how long it may take roads and bridges on Oregon coast to open after and earthquake and tsunami.
An ocean inlet. Rolling hills and homes are on the river. A bridge crosses over it.
This survey investigated Oregonians' perception of the risks and economic benefits of exporting natural gas on the West Coast. It also looks at the role of socio-demographic, political ideology, and place-based factors in shaping these perceptions.