Quest book on rock
This new edition contains 30 Quests along the Oregon coast, including four that are completely new to the book.
Fishermen bring catch in nets aboard a boat
This workshop report summarizes commercial fishing industry input on feasible and practical improvements to gear marking in the sablefish pot gear off the West Coast to improve NOAA’s ability to identify the source fishery of large whale entanglements.
Heron in an marsh
This report is a summary of the current understanding of the climate mitigation potential of Oregon’s coastal and marine habitats.
This case study examines how Oregon's Latinx coastal community perceives critical facilities and identifies new locations valued by this community as places to go in time of need.
A rocky island on the Willamette River on a clear day.
Researchers review hydrologic, geomorphic, ecologic, and social conditions in the Willamette River basin through time—including pre-settlement, river development, and contemporary periods—and offer a future vision for consideration.
picture of flood warning sign at the beach with waves crashing into a building
This article highlights a few of the programs and tools that Oregon Sea Grant has developed and challenges readers to join the effort to increase resilience throughout the nation.