A young woman wears a lab coat and mask in a laboratory. Beakers and a scale are on the counter in front of her. The title Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience is written over the image.
Three interns talk about their work in the Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience paid internship program in 2020.
A dover sole swims along the sand ocean floor. It has a flat body and both eyes sit on short stalks on one side of its body.
Using bottom trawl survey data from NOAA Fisheries, researchers assessed changes over 40 years in northern California Current continental shelf groundfish assemblage composition, species' presence, and relationships to environmental variables.
Adult coho salmon swiming upriver
Study examines whether Oregon coastal coho salmon returning to three tributaries of the Smith River watershed (in the central Oregon Coast Range) responded to the stream hydroregime throughout their spawning period.


Logo for Oregon Sea Grant's 2016 State of the Coast Conference
Oregon Sea Grant's annual State of the Coast conference took place online in 2020 on Nov. 5 and 6. Video of speakers during the two-day event are linked.
Research holds handfuls of pyrosomes that have appeared lately on Pacific Northwest coast
This study examines the unprecedented numbers of pyrosomes in the Northern California Current during 2016-18.
plastic trash on beach
This webinar is for students in grades 6-12 who want to explore careers in marine science. Dorothy Horn and Briana Goodwin present.