Models of coastal hazards, ecosystems, socioeconomics, and landscape management are coupled in conjunction with alternative scenario analysis to provide tools that can allow decision-makers to explore effects of policy decisions under uncertain futures.
Working with local stakeholders, this project is developing a series of ' Alternative Futures ' landscape assessments for Gray's Harbor that combine current state-of-the-art predictions of possible climate changes impacts on this coastal community.
Study uses an interdisplinary approach, integrating engineering and economic models to find a more accurate estimate of total losses in a potential tsunmai inundation zone and the surrounding county.
This research reports on a large-scale study of macrophyte wrack deposition patterns on the U.S. Pacific Northwest coast.
This video is a follow up to the inital film on ocean acidification. It explores the effects on the Oregon coast and possible solutions.
hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
Researchers developed a new metric, the Ocean Acidification Stress Index for Shellfish (OASIS), for understanding Pacific oyster larval responses to variable regimes of seawater carbonate chemistry.