Photo of bridge in Coos Bay, Oregon.
Using sediment cores from two Oregon coast estuaries, researchers were able to measure a period from 1680 AD to present and reconstruct the historical water column oxygen in the estuaries.
hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
This project evaluates the use of a habitat model, developed using geospatial raster layers of salinity, substrate, and elevation, in Yaquina Bay, Oregon to predict locations of Olympia oyster presence.
This article provides an overview of a high school curriculum that teaches ocean acidification.
salt marsh
This hands-on lesson uses salt marsh sediment cores from Pacific Northwest estuaries.
Arial view of flooding in Tillamook, Oregon
This presentation is on the development of effectively adapting strategies for coping with future coastal hazards using Envision..
razor clams
Researchers quantified microplastic types, concentrations, anatomical burdens, geographic distribution and temporal differences in Pacific oysters and Pacific razor clams from 15 Oregon coast sites.